Workshop and Training Offerings

For Therapists

ECAS offers a variety of CEU approved presentations for psychologists and LPC/LMFTs to help improve access to educational opportunities for Lane County therapists. The following is a non-comprehensive list of our therapist training opportunities.


  • Effective and Compassionate Exposure: Using Evidence-Based Approaches to Help Anxious Clients Live Their One Wild and Precious Life

  • Incorporating Outcome Measures Into Ongoing Therapy: Using Data to Strengthen the Therapeutic Relationship and Enhance Progress

  • Exposure and Response Prevention and Beyond: Effective, Evidence-Based Treatments for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • Peripartum and Postpartum Anxiety and OCD in New Moms: Compassionate Assessment, Normalization, Validation, and Treatment

  • Engaging Trauma Survivors In The Work: Helping Hesitant or Fearful Clients Confidently Face Their Traumatic Memories

Multicultural Competence

  • Beyond the WPATH Standards of Care: Supportive Care for Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Clients

  • Respecting the Client’s Experience: Compassionately Listening, Understanding, and Examining the Experiences of Marginalized Clients

  • Supporting My Partner With OCD Or Anxiety

  • Parenting My Anxious Child

  • Improving Communication In Intimate Relationships

  • Mindfulness-Based Stress-Reduction

  • Developing Self-Compassionate Resilience

  • Increasing and Enhancing Sleep

For Everyone

ECAS offers a variety of workshops to help decrease stigma, improve psychological education, and increase overall well-being and stress-management in the Eugene/Springfield community.

For Businesses

By working directly with businesses to develop and provide trainings to employers, managers, and employees, ECAS strives to decrease stigma, improve psychological well-being, and help businesses thrive.

  • Conquering Anxiety to Enhance Productivity

  • Improving Workplace Relationships

  • Breaking Habits to Build New Skills for Success

  • Engaging Your Diverse Workforce: How to Actively Support and Unify Across Differences

For Agencies

From county agencies to police and fire-departments, agencies need the skills to interface with the public confidently and also engage in effective self-care. ECAS works with agencies to learn how to competently engage with people with a variety of backgrounds and psychological difficulties.

  • Interacting With the Public Effectively, Confidently, and Compassionately

  • Acknowledging Implicit Bias to Improve Community Engagement

  • First-Responder Self-Care: Learning the Skills To Put Yourself First To Be There For Others