What we do

We help organizations build resilience and enhance performance by addressing mental health challenges and learning to effectively utilize their diverse workforce. We do this by:

Increasing Awareness

Psychological difficulties and/or micro-aggressions in the workplace can impact performance, employee satisfaction, and workplace relationships. We can help your organization, managers, and employees better understand what problems they are facing and help them start to take actions to improve.

addressing problem areas and building resilience

When problem areas are identified, growth is facilitated through group and one-on-one meetings for skill-building. At times, relationship building and communication facilitation may be necessary to help your workforce work more effectively as a team.

Engaging diversity

Learning to embrace and engage diversity and difference, instead of ignoring or avoiding it, will help your company be stronger, not in spite of but because of the variety of points of view and experiences it has to express. We can help you identify the stuck points in your approach to diversity and difference and identify your own values to engaging with it effectively.

maximizing effective performance

High achievement requires important skills for maintaining motivation, focus, and commitment in the face of anxiety, stress, and relationships. We help you build the necessary skills that are individualized to your organization.

Our Approach

We help organizations by developing an individualized package of services, depending on need and scope. These could include:

  • A thorough, evidence-based assessment of problem areas

  • Comprehensive feedback, with recommendations and steps toward change

  • One-on-one support as needed

  • Group workshops

  • Facilitation of difficult conversations

  • Assistance in developing organization policies

  • Ongoing support as changes are implemented

Our Outcomes

Our goal is to decrease stigma, improve relationships, and enhance performance on the metrics that matter to the organizations with which we work.

Even after we finish working with you, we are committed to checking in to ascertain the effectiveness of our interventions, and provide additional services if necessary.